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Raw Food

Blue Ridge Beef for Dogs

$11.99 From $10.29


Dogs benefit from minimally processed food, just like we do. Most dog food is so processed that nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals are removed. Then artificial supplements and chemicals are added back in. Why not keep the good stuff in the first place?

Key Benefits:
Muscle tone and energy- The right balance of proteins and fat from raw meat and eggs give dogs healthy muscles and the energy to lead active lives.
Skin and fur - Dogs often are allergic or intolerant of food with high grain/filler content or animal by-products. Itchy skin is the result. Skin that is in bad condition is more vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections.
Bone and dental health - Natural calcium and phosphorus from ground bone and eggshell help with stronger bones and teeth.
More nutritionally dense- It takes less food to get the calories in. Less in means less out. Don’t be alarmed with fewer stools. That’s normal.
Fewer inflammatory problems - Diets heavy in grain and corn can make some dogs more vulnerable to inflammatory problems such as arthritis and joint issues.
Better health often means fewer veterinarian visits. Of course, regular checkups and vaccinations are still important.

Nutritional Info:

Protein- 20.11%
Fat- 3.23%
Fiber- .71%
Ash- 1.33%
Moisture- 75.33%
Calcium- 6.61 mg/100g
Phosphorus- 155 mg-100g
990 kcal/kg


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great food

Bailey has been eating Blue Ridge since she was a uppy. She loves ❤️ the food.

Marisa R
Can't get enough!

Our dog Chewy has eaten raw since we've had her (almost 2 years). The previous brand we got her food from went out of business, which resulted in us trying Blue Ridge - as the recipe and macros seemed to most closely match her original feed-type. We were nervous about how she would adapt to Blue Ridge. She's been on Blue Ridge for a month now and she can't get enough of it! She's healthy and full of energy with the food. We're grateful to feed her a nutrient-dense and quality diet. We'd recommend it for other dog owners who are committed to a raw food choice.

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