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Solutions Pet Fish Jiggles

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Ingredients: *Fish Gelatin, Fermented Herring, Fermented Cod Liver, Mango

*Our fish is sustainably sourced from the cold, clean waters of the northern Atlantic. Our Cod Liver is made in-house and lab tested for Vitamin A and Vitamin D

Gelatin is healing to the digestive tract, connective tissues and organs. Our gelatin is thick with natural collagen and elastin. Gelatin also improves the absorption and utilization of proteins. Using our sustainably sourced gelatin can improve the skin, coat, joint, nail and gut health of your pet. 

One hundred grams of gelatin contains 85g of protein and is high in glycine (stimulates protein synthesis, inhibits oxidative stress, improves sleep, mood and lowers blood pressure), proline (improves metabolism, protein synthesis and structure, and wound healing), lysine (reduces symptoms of herpes, improves immune health and muscle strength) and other amino acids. Gelatin is highly satiating and can help your pet feel more full.

The addition of Cod liver and herring provide additional Omega-3, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. The addition of mango provides a natural source of Vitamin C which improves your pets utilization of the healing benefits of gelatin.

Our Jiggles are low calorie. You can add them into the diet of overweight or sensitive pets without further contributing to metabolic or digestive disorders.

Customer Reviews

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Mary Burke
Solutions fish jiggles

This company makes extraordinary foods and supplements. Everyone is clamering about feeding omega 3's for better skin, coat and general health. I always try to feed a FOOD vs supplement for these added benefits. Food is assimilated differently and better than a supplement, especially a synthetic supplement. Omega 3 fish pils go rancid very quickly and in this state they can do more harm than good. Fish jiggles stock SOLVES that issue! Fresh high quality omega 3's that aren't going to go rancid and dogs LOVE it. Highly recommend not running out

Liquid Gold

I swear this stuff is the reason my dog no longer has high blood pressure. She has kidney disease and I follow their Restorative Diet and feed this, Better Butter Tea and their beef as a meal. It’s amazing and my girl is thriving. Love it, love the company!

New product

Thank you for shipping to South Carolina. Our local independent pet store has been unable to get Solutions pet products. They of a high quality and recommended by Dr. Judy Morgan. My 13 year old Schnoodle loves her fish drink and it is healthy and low calorie.

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